Vision & Mission

Our Vision
* Our aim is to be a driver in the textile industry with innovation, research and development . We strive for perfection in every aspect of our business, from production to human resources, from customer relations to market expectations, from sub-industry to technological developments, with systematic studies centered on customer satisfaction.
* With the ever changing demands in the World textile market, we strive to be the symbol of trust with consistant quality and production.
* Contributing to the regional and national economy and furthering social development by creating more employment.

Our Mission
* Our main focus is customer satisfaction;
* To produce at the products of the highest quality standards by making continuous improvement in R&D and seeking technological innovations in order to meet the increasing and changing customer expectations.
* To produce human and environmentally friendly products.
* Provide the most on time delivery.
* To be the preferred textile supplier of many countries with outstanding product options and to increase the export power of our country.