Company Policies

Our quality policy;
Our purpose is to be a fashion trendsetting company developing and producing yarn with modern production technology.
Our main focus is customer satisfaction. With our strong quality policy, our vast product line, affordable cost, flexibility to customers needs and on time delivery we aim to increase market share. Our quality motto is getting the job done right the first time, every time.
To achieve our Quality Policy below are our main

* Ever evolving to meet customer needs.
* Emphasis on Quality and Efficiency in all operational activities throughout the company,
* Provide the fastest service with lowest waste and cost possible,
* Continually provide employee education that focuses on efficiancy and quality awareness.
* Provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees,
* Strive to improve environmental safety
* Establish and maintain trust-based cooperation with our vendors and customers in a mutually beneficial relationships,
* Continue to improve the performance of the company with the engagement of our employees at every stage.
* Aim to fulfill the scope of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and make further improvements

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy:
Comply with legislation and contracts of Occupational Health and Safety at national and international levels to minimize workplace accidents, occupational diseases and losses.
Provide our employees with Occupational Health and Safety training so they are more conscious and aware of regualations Evaluate situations according to Occupational Health and Safety standards to determine the most effective solutions immediately. Implement stategies with employee participation on all levels
Educate subcontractors, incoming visitors and interns of Occupational Health and Safety regulations to ensure that they understand out policies. Improve working conditions by adopting the principle of continuous improvement. Create an ever improving health and safety process byt keeping up to date on new regulations.