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Fistaş A.Ş having international enviromental and quality standarts,commits enviroment-responsibility
as well as having the respect and reliability in the world market.

Produce for the world ....

High quality FİSTAŞ products and their exclusive features are enjoyed all over the world.
Trusted FİSTAŞ trademarks are designed for individuals anywhere in the world.

* Turkey and the world textile market, in line with the changing demands, be a symbol of trust with the production of consistent quality and brand in this manner.

FİSTAŞ pays great importance to RD operations.
It enhances RD investments,improving the amount of the share each year from the budget.


Beginning from fiber,the Yarns totaly
produced in our factories are of many
different naturel and synthetic Fibers
such as wool,acryclic,mohair,polyamide,
polyester,viscon, linen,cotton,bamboo, silk,glatter
and their combinations.

Hand Knitting Yarns
Himalya El Örgü İplikleri Rozetti El Örgü İplikleri

Kendinden Desenli El Örgü İplikleri Yumuşak Tüylü El Örgü İplikleri

Sewing, Embroidery, Hand Embroidery and Embroidery Yarns

El Nakış - Dantel İpliği ve Örgü Aksesuarları Fistaş Nakış ve Brode İplikleri

Hazır Ürünler (Şal - Fular - Atkı - Throw)